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Modern Metallic
A centered futuristic look.
Magic Light
A clean and simple style.
A dark design with strong contrast.
A design for the rocky feel.
Clear Landscape
A clean look with a custom background.
Mystic Sail
A design built for sites that likes large header images.
Classic Vignette
A style with a prominent header.
Old Western
A style with an old look and feel.
Simple Path
A simplistic and clean design.
Sterling Silver
A very simple design.
Mystic River
A style to match the Mystic River splash page.
Lucent Emblem
A clear and clean design.
Classical Streamline
A style similar to the popular splash page Style 1.
Silver Spring
A fresh design with a cool feel.
Spotted Sunset
A warm and neutral design.
Gentle Vision
A simple template which displays a prominent picture.
Tropical Green
A soothing design that is easy on the eyes.
Classic Charcoal
A dark, but elegant design.
Smooth Cappuccino
A simple and concise design.
Natural Sky
A clean design.
Royal Skyline
A dark and simple design.
This style is used for custom designs.
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